Why choose
Globco International?
Because we focus


We offer tools that allow our customers to view their shipments in real time with our online platform. Our operational structures allow us to focus on your needs. We ensure that our team spends most of its time working with our customers now that we have automated most repetitive operations processes.


Our transparent, efficient and solutions-oriented business relationships, together with our team of passionate people, will exceed even the highest expectations of quality service. Our team of professionals is focused on delivering on your objectives and ensuring seamless planning and communication. Consistently solution-oriented, our speedy turnaround time adds value to any business.


We constantly strive for improvement and think outside the box. We see opportunities and possible solutions where many see obstacles. We provide several scenarios with any request and make sure to divulge the pros and cons of each avenue explored.


The foundation and stability of any company depends on the composition of its team. At Globco International, we are proud to count on an exceptional team mainly comprising young novel thinkers and people with over 15 years’ experience in our field. This synergy creates a balance that ensures you can count on a passion-driven team committed to our industry and that stands out for its enthusiasm, expertise, and creative energy for your company.


Globco International, a division of Groupe Levasse, was founded in 2008. As an international freight forwarder, we offer a value-added service as part of our customers’ supply chain.

Our team of experienced professionals cater to the reality of our diverse clientele by offering a multitude of transportation solutions. Our corporate culture based on creativity, accountability, fun, and innovation makes us a leading player in your supply chain.

Our business relationships are transparent, efficient, and solutions-oriented. We foster long-term relationships with both our customers and our partners. These values have allowed us to assert ourselves as a major player in the Greater Quebec City area and other parts of the province, and to stand out in our field of expertise.