Custom brokerage in Canada and in the United States

Processing the custom clearance for a shipment is not as easy as it sounds!

For an importer, Canadian or else, the choice of a custom broker is a strategic decision and a major levy in terms of compliance with numerous laws and regulations.

Importing merchandise in Canada and in the United States is not an easy task and it’s important to work with highly skilled persons to have the custom clearance processed in time, with a quality personalized service; every time.

For a custom clearance on the Canadian or American side, our team of trained, experienced and certified specialists will guide you through each step of your import process in Canada or in the United States. Our staff stays up to date with the latest industry’s best practices and legal changes to allow you to apply them as fast as possible and to obtain all these new advantages.


Our Consulting Department guides start-ups as well as established world-class business. We can assist you with the classification of goods in the Harmonized System, determining the eligibility of merchandise to free trade agreements, auditing previous declarations for compliance (adjustment request, drawback, etc.) and support you through the strategic planning of your supply chain. We will complete a thorough analysis that will allow you to make the most educated decision.

Our integrity and openness make us a partner of choice who will know to assist you in reaching your goals and building your growth.