Our network meets your air freight needs with unparalleled efficiency. We respond quickly to your requests and our overseas partners ensure they provide the same quality of service to your suppliers, distributors, and customers.

Our vast network allows us to offer incomparable reliability for the transportation of goods (which includes several sectors) from various industries: aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and perishables.

Our planning and rigorous follow-up contribute to providing professional quality service to the various stakeholders in your supply chain.

No matter the goods to be transported, we are equipped to advise you and offer tailor-made solutions.

  • Temperature-sensitive shipments: perishables, pharmaceutical products, among others.
  • Shipments containing hazardous materials
  • Valuables, works of art
  • Urgent shipments.

Our dynamic and passionate team will meet your needs when time matters most.


Whether it involves a less-than-container-load (LCL) or a full-container load (FCL), our team correctly identifies your needs to provide you with time-sensitive solutions. Our experience facilitates all shipping processes according to your specifications and the requirements of the importing/exporting countries.

Our operational structure guarantees quality follow-up which helps you to plan your production, purchases, and sales to mitigate unforeseen events and optimize your international exchanges. The quality, reliability, and speed of our team allows you to navigate your supply network with expert help.


Our logistics team ensures the proper functioning of your exports to and imports from the United States, and for intra-USA transport. Our network of reliable partners allows us to maintain a high level of service centred on transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness. We are also able to respond to your national transportation logistics requests, including LTL, TL, and intermodal services for both enclosed and flatbed trailers.

Our experienced team specializes in transport cases that require planning and a rigorous follow-up such as trade show deliveries and unconventional shipments.

Notre équipe expérimentée se spécialise dans les transports requérant une planification spécifique et un suivi rigoureux tels que les livraisons sur des sites d’exposition (trade-show) ainsi que des transports hors-normes.


We have skillfully mastered the art of coordinating international package shipments that take an average of two business days.

Our team that understands your import-export requirements, coordinates your shipments while maintaining seamless communication for the proper logistics of your shipments. We handle all issues and our tracking system prevents numerous problems that can occur in an automated international courier chain.

Our bulk discount rates allow you to enjoy a tangible benefit, setting your company apart from your competitors.


You can trust our large-scale special projects department to handle your unconventional transports despite the constraints encountered along the road.

Our analysis, rigour, and flawless planning will ensure that your projects run smoothly. For ocean and air freight as well as road transport, our dedicated team will provide tailor-made solutions based on our expertise, resulting from years of collaboration with local and global network partners.